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herbst remixed
10% collage
30% documentation
60% video

Festival: Always implies missing, just seen and still not grasped, wanting to see again. On the one hand, “herbst remixed” documents, on the other it remixes, fragments, picks up, observes and thus creates new references and contexts. Manipulates and plays. What has been, what is to come? Who was there, where was I? At the festival centre, on the internet, and at selected venues, the video documentation accompanies the steirischer herbst and everything that happens. A collection of images in progress, a mash-up, a collage, every day new, every day more.

herbst remixed Videos

25/09 - 18/10

Festival centre
Ulrich A. Reiterer / (A)

Stephan Bergmann (A) & Jona Hoier (A) & Julian Stampfer (A)