All the Same – What is valid if everything is valid? »more

46.882 visitors, 222 events, more than 600 participants from a total of 37 nations, 93,98% of tickets sold for stage productions and concerts – this is the résumé of steirischer herbst festival 2009.
The résumé of the media can be found »here

Schauhaus09: The festival centre at Orpheum Graz »more
 25/09/2009 – Stefan Kaegi / Rimini Protokoll: Radio Muezzin 
 01/10/2009 – Mette Ingvartsen: GIANT CITY

 15/10/2009 – Lola Arias: Mi Vida Después

Utopia and Monument I: On the validity of art between privatisation & the public sphere »more

They are diarists and writers-in­- residence, minute- takers and observers. They note, sketch, photograph, film ...
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Hotel Rollator
Brunch with DJ Paul Catty (A)
Festival centre

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